Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It's 2012 Already!!!

And wow that went fast.
Hope everybody had a great break! A month was the perfect amount to take a break and get back to school. This is what I did:
Alex and I made homemade noodles!

Bradley kept attempting to take his stocking down...

I cross stitched my mom's Christmas present....

It was a windchime that says You Are My Sunshine :)

I had an awesome Christmas with my parents. They gave Bradley the biggest bone I have ever seen....

Alex and I went to Michigan to see his family. We spent Christmas Eve with his mom. She got us these awesome aprons :)

Then we went to Ohio to see his dad for Christmas. Then the day after, we drove up to Akron to see my brother and my nephews! Then we stayed with his dad until New Years. On New Years, we went to this huge party. We had a whole bar to ourselves (excluding about 100 other people who were at the party) with free food and alcohol. Then a bunch of people from the party stayed at a nearby hotel and we had a bunch of fun.

Our gang

January 1 was our one year anniversary!!! We went to a nice dinner (we are doing presents this week). Then we flew back on the 3rd. But while I was up there, I got to see snow, I made a snow angel, I got to spend some awesome time with his family, we had a bunch of fun with his friends, I had the best coffee cake I have ever had, and I became addicted to Words with Friends.

When we got back to Florida, my mom wanted to keep Bradley till Sunday. I missed him so much...
Saturday a bunch of us went out for my birthday!!! We went bowling which was actually a TON of fun.... then we went downtown which was fun as well :) Pictures soon....
Then Sunday, January 8th was my actual birthday. Alex bought me a DIY sushi kit!!! It is amazing!! We attempted sushi, but it didn't work out so we went and got sushi (We are trying again on Thursday for date night). Then we went to my parents house for my birthday dinner. I got some pretty awesome gifts from everybody. It was a ton of fun.

Then.... school started on Monday. Not much to blog about that yet. It has pretty much just been lecture on Monday. I only have two classes on Mondays, but its six hours of class... long days... Then Tuesdays NO CLASS!! Woohoo. Then Wednesday I have two  more classes about another 6 hours. Clinicals this semester are maternal infant, pediatrics, and adult care. I am going to be at Winnie Palmer, Arnold Palmer, and Doctor Phillips Orlando Health! I am so excited. So more to come at the end of the week when I know more.

Trying to get over a cold....