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So I can't believe it has taken me this long to post! I know that I say it a lot, but it has been even more crazy around here than the last post... I am going to try to start writing in at least once a week, and on Sunday nights after church. I haven't been getting as many views, and I know it is my fault because I am slacking :( But hey! I am almost up to 750 views! So keep them coming! Maybe this information will intrigue you to keep looking back :)

The last day I wrote about was when I first started at the VA. I can only say this...

I love it here.

I need to organize this before I go jumping from Tuesdays to Sundays to previous Wednesdays to nights I can't remember... (this is why I promise that I will try to start writing every Sunday so there is less confusion... and also did you notice that I promised to TRY... ya... TRY.. not really a promise...)

Friday - Oct 14th - I officially started at the VA and DID STUFF!!! I followed a CNA around to introduce myself to the residents and get familiar with the way things worked around the facility. Everybody (well some of them) were really nice and easy to talk to. I introduced myself to my patient and he was the nicest man I have ever encountered, except my papabear of course! I strutted myself down those hallways all night.
P.S. We didn't have to go in until 1600 today, so I treated myself to some sun... a little too much sun..

Saturday and Sunday - 15th -16th - I had LOTS of homework, again... But all I did was stay at home and do homework. Then Saturday night I visited a friend who was playing guitar and singing at Crave by the millenia mall. So I treated myself to some sushi and edamame (mmmmmm). Then of course, nothing else to talk about except homework.. bleh... no colorful words for this paragraph...

Tuesday - 17th - We learned how to set up an IV tubing today! There a lot more nooks and crannies than I thought. This is one of our possible final skills check off (we pull one out of the hat right before we do the skill for the final and whatever one you pick is the skill you have to do... going to be a great finals week..). Well they teach you about it for an hour, which is how long it takes to run through once, and then send you on your way. Luckily we have a recording of it so we can watch it again, but man oh man...

Thursday - Oct 20th - Back at the VA to see my residents! First we had a patient safety handling demonstration/class. It was actually a lot of fun. The VA has a lot of really neat gadgets....

Moving Lauren from a bed to a chair. Go Lauren Go!!!
When we got to our area, I got to follow a nurse and help pass out medications. I gave my first shot to a REAL person!!! He said I have a nice and gentle touch. Shots shots shots shots shots shots shots shots... EVERYBODY!!!! I also realized that I have a pretty good memory. After going through all the residents once, I was able to remember how they liked their medications in vanilla or chocolate pudding or if they liked it with just water. I remembered who got shots, at what times, and all of their names. Pretty cool... My patient wasn't having a very good day. I heard some coughing coming from his room and checked on him. He was really red, slouched over, on the phone, and eating dinner! I yelled for the other nurse and we were able to set him up and do the Heimlich maneuver on him. It was pretty intense but he was OK. One of the patients I grew a great connection with. He was very friendly and seemed to yearn conversation. I didn't see any pictures of family and was interested in his story. I talked to him and found out he had the same name as my papabear! We started talking about a lot of random things. Since then, I have stopped by to see him even if I am just around the area. I ended up finding out that he was injured in a head on collision on his motorcycle. A girl ran a red light and she died instantly on impact. Her name was Katie. I almost cried my eyes out as he was telling this story. It is crazy sometimes how God leads you toward people.

Friday - Oct 21st - I GAVE MY FIRST STRAIGHT CATHETER TODAY!!!! And all I can say is... wow... Most of the girls where in the room with me watching. They clapped when I got it in and it started draining. I felt like I was on TV... nothing more exciting than that. I passed out more meds and strutted myself up and down hallways :)

Saturday - Oct 22nd - I did some community service today! Alex and I volunteered with our church and we helped clean up a lake over in Apopka. We removed invasive plants and planted around 2500 in their place. We ended up getting free pizzas for our time and free chik-fil-a. Go community service!!!

Sunday - Oct 23rd - Mommabear and Papabear came into town today! They took Alex and I to dinner at Mellow Mushroom, then they came back to my house for dessert... I made homemade key lime swirl cheesecake bars. Melt.. in... my... mouth..

Monday - Oct 24th - SNA meeting today! I brought up the possibility of hopefully putting together a Valentines Dance... Crossing our fingers and tapping our feet :)

Tuesday - Oct 25th - We learned about trach suctioning today! Oh man. Again.. another possible skills check off and only an hour worth of teaching and one run through... man oh man... 

Wednesday - Oct 26th - So at 730 we had a debate this morning that we had prepared for about a week. I only commented on this day because of this one point.. We were pro... and the other group was con... Well.. the other group thought they were pro. Total bust.....

Thursday - Oct 27th - We had to drive to campus to take pictures for our Florida Hospital ID badges today. That was it. It took me longer to get up the 6 flights on the elevator than it did to take the picture. Again.. total bust... Then we still had clinical. So back at the VA! We didn't do much today. We had a lot of work due, so we were mostly in the lobby doing that. We seriously gave more attention to the pet dog that they have there than the residents... I know that doesn't sound very great...
This is Paco

Friday - Oct 28th - Today Lauren and I went around the whole section and did Accuchecks (blood glucose finger pricks) By the end of the night, we were pros. Accuchecks Accuchecks Accuchecks Accuchecks Accuchecks Accuchecks Accuchecks Accuchecks Accuchecks EVERYBODY!!! Afterwards, Alex and I went downtown with some friends. It was a great night. We went to our friend, Derek's, apartment downtown after we left Wall Street. We were up until 600 (oh ya.. still using the military clock..) playing some games and singing songs at the top of our lungs on the balcony. I love that all of downtown Orlando was our audience. We stayed the night and took a long walk back to Alex's car in the morning holding hands ( I had to add the smushy ushy detail).

Saturday - Oct 29th - Alex and I had an amazing dinner with some friends from church, the Delaneys. We had some amazing chicken parmesan, strawberry spinach salad, and I made a reese's pie for dessert. Omnomnomnom.

Sunday - Oct 30th - The usual Sunday, church and homework... and here is my list.. Which btw.. I have realized from here on out is going to be next to hell... We have assignements that never end week after week on almost every day. And on finals week... we have SIX FINALS WITHIN THREE DAYS!!!
But back to this week:
Sunday - Two test were due today.
Monday - Journal and a nursing care plan are due
Tuesday - a SOAP note is due
Wednesday - a powerpoint presentation, and a professional practice paper are due
Thursday - something is probably due, but I do not know of it yet..
Friday - a short form and a head to toe assessment is due
Saturday - I can sleep..
Sunday - two quizzes are due again and the madness starts all over..
Yup.. this is how my next weeks are going to go, and it is just going to get worse until the end of finals. Heaven help me now...

Other than that! I am in a great place and I am doing amazing! I am so happy to be in nursing school and I'm pretty convinced that I was born to be a nurse. I can't wait for all of the action. If I am having this much stuff to write about.. I can't imagine how much stuff there will be when I actually have a CAREER!!! AHHHHHH!!!! I AM GROWING UP!!!

On a nursing high,

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