Sunday, October 2, 2011


So Friday was my last day in the community. I got a Satisfactory in the class. 1 class down, 7 classes to go this semester! Myself and three other girls gave teaching presentations about stranger safety and dental hygiene to 3-5 years old. They were really cute. We did 7 presentations in 2 hours. It was a lot of running around. One little kid, when we asked him what a stranger was, he said somebody that would come up to you and have a snake or an alligator in their mouth. That would definitely qualify as a stranger danger.....

 I look crazy don't I? I'm suppose to be the stranger danger. My outfit is definitely dangerous....

This is the dental presentation.
Afterwards since it was our last day with our instructor until our last year, we made her a picture and we all signed the picture and a card. She loved it.

She's a fairy godmother.

Then Saturday we had to sit in a Long Term Care Orientation class at school from 8:30 to 3:00. It was horrible. Very long and drawn out. It could have just been put into an email or a module online. Some of the things we are doing at the LTC is pretty intense: sponge baths, diapers. But the best part is we start giving injections!!! I'm pretty excited about that. And actually being in a clinical setting every week... that will be a relief.

As to the rest of the weekend = stressful. One word. I will tell you that I do feel like I am falling, and not stopping at any point lately, but definitely picking up speed.
Took a break from Studying,
No colors today. I am not in a colorful mood. I am in a studying mood.

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