Friday, August 26, 2011

Bus Survey

Wow. Today.

A teacher one day decided that it would be a good idea for the clinical group of girls to take public transportation (i.e. lynx bus) through the "unincorporated community" to assess the citizens during every day life.


Eleven of us girls in white nursing uniforms walked around in the "unincorporated community" and attempted to find a lynx bus stop that would take us to our destination: the mall. At the random stop on the side of the road, were two used condoms, random trash, and eleven girls (when we saw the condoms, I yelled, "This is going in my blog!" You can tell I'm already addicted). While we were standing there, we realized that the bus we needed to take, 125, also had a stop on the other side of the road. Also on the other side of the road, was a cop raiding a car. Noticing that we were on the wrong side, we decided instead of j-walking across the street, that we were going to cross at the light. Well the cop decided to come across four lanes of traffic, with his lights on, to pull up on to the median, and ask us what were we doing. From the tone of his question, it was more of a, "What are you thinking?". We told him our mission. Both cops paused, in what I assume was amazement, they said "Good Luck" with huge enthusiasm, rolled up the window, and sped off.
Thank you public safety for your formal appreciation of our safety.

Needless to say, we made it there and back without any help. We even managed to find ice cream, a few nice people, and no more condoms to report.

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