Wednesday, August 31, 2011


On Wednesdays I have a 7:30 AM class, The Role of the Professional Nurse. That class goes until 9:20 and my next class is at 10 AM, Community Health Nursing. This class ends at 12:50.

Well, I don't know if Bradley was just in a lot of pain, or what, but he was up from about 2 AM to almost 6 AM this morning running around the house, crying and scratching. I had a quiz at 7:30 AM so I was up worrying about him, and attempting to study until almost 1:30. Considering I only got 30 minutes of sleep before Bradley woke, and then about another 30 minutes after he finally calmed down... I was completely exhausted today. The quiz wasn't too bad. It was actually harder than I expected it to be, I thought it was going to be more generic. But I only missed one question! ... out of 5... which is an 80% and in nursing school, that is a C (because they still use the old grading scale... boooo) So my happiness got shot down pretty fast. I almost fell asleep multiple times in class. My computer was messing up, so I had to start taking hand notes, which kind of helped me stay awake. You know when you fall asleep holding your head up? Then you start dozing off and your head becomes so heavy that it falls and your arm collapses and it wakes you up? Yeah, I was THAT person today....

After class I went home thinking I had an hour before work and I was going to fill that hour with a bunch of sleep. Well... as I was walking to my apartment, all I could hear was this beeping noise, and a dog with a pathetic howl. Turned out, the beeping noise was my smoke detector and the pathetic howl was coming from Bradley. I wonder how long that was actually going off. Well, I had to call maintenance and have them come and fix it because I needed a whole new smoke detector, it wasn't just the battery. Needless to say, no sleep again.

Walking like a zombie, I went into work (I work at a frozen yogurt store, mmm). Then I came home and have currently done nothing that has to do with nursing. I've been laying around trying to sleep/nap, but it is not working. Which has led me to be sitting at my dining room table, blogging again.

Tomorrow morning, I have to be at clinicals at 8 AM to 4 PM. It's the first week that I actually go to a hospital/clinic. I'm really excited but kind of nervous because I am one of the first students to go this semester and I'm going to be the only student there today and tomorrow. I'm not sure if I should bring a lunch? What about a bag with stuff in it? Or do I leave it in the car? But I think I am getting dropped off? I don't know... but I will let you know tomorrow! Either way, I'm really excited. I actually am in a medical setting tomorrow! And then I am back there again on Friday until 1PM. Then we have this clinical conference thing... I don't know.... We are kind of kept in the dark a lot I feel like. We are told things, but very vaguely, and then we still don't know much when these situations happen. Well, I am off to pack a lunch for tomorrow and get ready for bed! And I just realized, that I was using regular time through this whole blog... so starting after this post.. military time (becaese everything is in military time in nursing : / )
No cool pictures today.

Goodnight world,
Zombie Katie

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