Monday, August 29, 2011

One thing after another

My day has been hectic.

First, I woke up late to take my dog to the vet. So I drove over there really fast, and dropped him off. I actually had a little time until class started, so I stopped and got an iced coffee which I ended up spilling all over myself after only one sip. And I mean DRENCHED myself in it...So I took my jacket (which was soaked) and laid it out on the car while I was in class to soak up some hot Florida sun. When I walked into class, everybody was wondering what smelled like syrup.... yes, it was me.

While I am in class, I get a call from the vet saying that there is something wrong with my dog, Bradley, and to call them back ASAP. So I freaked out on hold for about 20 minutes, to find out that it is just an ear infection. Alex was picking him up after his classes, so I told him what was going on. I have to give him 10 drops of a disinfectant in his ear every day for the next two weeks. It is the funniest thing watching him afterwards though. He walks around with his head tilted and his equilibrium is completely off. This stuff smells horrid though. It smells like rotten peaches have invaded his face. So cross your fingers that this works or I will have to throw down some big bucks for some more medication.

During class, there were about what seemed like a lot (but probably only about 5) slides that I didn't get to copy notes on because the teachers were on warp speed during lecture today (this was after our conversation about Family Guy, Vaseline, and condoms...). I also was stressed trying to figure out about a loan situation I am dealing with, which concluded in a HUGE migraine.

I hurried home after classes to eat a quick lunch and clean up my apartment. I drove to the airport to pick up my parents, had a quick appetizer and caught up with them at TGI Fridays. Then when I got home, some people from church came over for dinner.

After a long day of running around, I am finishing my night with a Bud Light, a kiss from the man of my dreams, and no worries. I am pushing aside school to get a good nights sleep and starting back on it in the AM (I don't have labs until 2:15, but I am meeting a friend for coffee which I am going to do my best to not spill).

- Syrup smelling Katie

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