Friday, September 2, 2011

Not my otter arm!

Pediatric rotation in clinicals!!!

So, I already want to be a nurse in the peds department, or possibly NICU. So my first rotation today = PEDIATRICS! I was really excited and nervous at the same time. I got there around 8 AM, and my day started awesome. I saw so many patients and it was really interesting. I followed Medical Assisstants, and watched them take vitals. I followed LPNs, and watched them give shots. I even got to follow the doctor many times, and  she showed me a bunch of different cases that were very interesting. I was able to see and feel an umbilical hernia. When you push it, it goes all the way inside the abdominal wall, it was REALLY interesting. I also was able to see many different patients that needed shots (which holding kids down while a nurse gives shots feels wrong...), wheezing, finger pricks, children with neurological problems, strep throat test and many other things I can not think of right now (its 12:30 and I have to be back at clinical at 8 AM : / ). I also was able to meet an unfortunate little boy who had already been through a lot. I can't give away details of the patient, but it made me realize one of the reasons as to why I want to be a nurse. The mom of this little boy was so caring and showed so much love to all of the staff. She had been through a lot with his medical treatment, and everybody was concerned about him. It was nice to see such a connection. The girls were amazing as well. The staff was very welcoming. I had an amazing first day. And to top it off, I still can't believe that I was able to have my first rotation in pediatrics!!!! One of the little boys, while I was holding him and an LPN was giving his shots, kept screaming, "Not my otter arm, Not my otter arm!!!" She gave him two shots on each arm. It was the saddest, but cutest thing I have ever seen. It's so crazy that almost every child's instant reaction to seeing a needle, before it is even near them, they start bawling. But it's funny as to how fast they cheer up when we hand them a sticker. Would you like spider man or tweety?

Well for lunch, I decided to bring cash and cross my fingers for a cafeteria. Luck was on my side. The cafeteria didn't have much healthy stuff, but I managed to swallow a wrap. Well, as I am sitting at a table, these two men approach me (by the way, there is a mom, who is an RN and her children just got done seeing me a few minutes ago in the peds unit, well they are sitting at the table next to me). I am doing what any other college student is doing, I am texting. And one of the men, yells, straight up yells in my ear, " HI THIS IS MY FRIEND AND HE LIKES YOU... OK BYE!" And his friend proceeds to pull out a chair and sit down. Well at this point, everybody in the cafeteria is watching me, the mom is laughing hysterically, and I am turning beat red.

Strange guy at my table: HI, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE TODAY!?
Me: Eating lunch..... and you?
Strange guy at my table: I AM HERE FOR THERAPY!!!
Me: (awkward look and I have no idea what to say) Nice.. well not nice.. I mean....

Mom in the background: hahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahahahha

Me: I am a student here, so I change units all of the time... (when really I change units daily, not hourly...)
Me: Ya, I guess you will. Well I'm sorry, but my break is over and I have to get back to my education! (When really it was 12:30 and I didn't have to go back until 1)
Strange guy at my table: OK, WELL I WILL LOOK FOR YOU! NICE MEETING YOU!!!!

Before I left, I went to fill up my drink and the mom/RN comes up to me, still laughing hysterically and told me that I handled myself very well. After we started talking for a while, she started telling me how much she loves nursing and that I did a great job with her kids. It was amazing hearing that on my first day.

Well, when I get back upstairs to Peds, the girls are sitting at their desk. And I said, "Is there a therapy floor? Or possibly a psych ward or something here?"
And all of them just started bursting out in laughter. One of the LPN's go, "Katie, did you go to the cafeteria?" They told me that there is, and they have all learned, to bring a lunch from then on. Thanks for telling the newbie guys....
Initiation. Awesome.

So after a long day of babies, being coughed on, holding children down for shots, and sorting through stickers like its live or die if they don't get the right sticker.... I finally got home. I met up with my parents for dinner, which was amazing. I really miss them even though I am still not too far away. I gave my dad a UCF sweatshirt for his birthday (sorry Dad! I know it is too big!!!) then I spent some time in Walmart with them shopping. Afterwards, I caught up with Alex for a little and that has lead me to blog at 12:44 at night. I am in another rotation tomorrow. They did have me in OB, but I got changed at last minute to Family Health. I really want to do OB, or at least peak my head in for a little bit tomorrow. So cross your fingers!


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