Saturday, September 3, 2011

Family Health

So I didn't get a chance to write last night, I was exhausted and I also think I am getting sick. My throat hurts pretty bad. For dinner last night: a bag of cherry cough drops. And for dessert: yummy cough syrup that knocked me out. To catch you up...

Yesterday I was at Family Health. And it was....


I have now decided that family health is not an area that I want to be working in. I got there at 800 and was told to follow this nurse. Well there was two appointments every fifteen minutes. So we were bringing the patients back and working them up. The doctor doesn't even show up until 845 and on top of that, he was late and strolled in at 900. People started getting really grouchy. Wait times were getting over two HOURS. I don't understand why patients are scheduled at 800 when he doesn't even get there until an hour later. Maybe 15 minutes before he gets there so the nurse can work them up and check them in, but not an hour. So, dealing with grouchy people all day, that just wasn't fun. At least in pediatrics, if they are yelling and screaming and grouchy, they are still cute to look at. One lady was so mad I thought she was about to have a heart attack. She was already on about nine medications! The doctor makes them bring in their actual bottles of medication so he can make sure that what they are taking is the correct amount prescribed on the bottle.One man brought in his medications, not in a Ziploc bag, not in a Walmart bag, but in one of those BIG black trash bags!!! And every single patient thought that 20 different things were wrong with them. So they would talk off the docs ear and push him even further behind. 1200 couldn't have came fast enough.

Needless to say, I pretty much ran out of the clinic that day. I got some food from Subway then met the rest of the girls at a different location for a meeting and a clinical conference. One of the reps from Meals on Wheels came to talk to us for orientation. It is a company that orders meals for seniors over 60 that are incapable of preparing a hot meal for themselves. Volunteers pick up the meals in their own cars with about two people per car, and they drive on a route and pass them out to the clients. They give out about 1500 meals a day... and there are about 550 people on the waiting list. Insane. Well she was telling us about our route and every two seconds would say something about safety. Kind of makes me wonder... She said things about finding the clients on the floor, about pulling into a neighborhood and seeing a gun so driving away, about being uncomfortable getting out of the car. Can't wait for meals on wheels!

Then at about 1430 we headed over to an after school daycare. We are suppose to "interact" with the kids, but really we are just babysitters. My classroom went outside to play, so at least I got to play on the playground and go down slides the whole time. You get some really good speed on the slides with your nursing scrubs on, creates some good slideage.

Then I came home and Amanda (from my CNC) and I tried to accomplish some homework. Didn't happen.
Then after she left, I tried to accomplish more homework. Didn't happen.
After my shower, tried to accomplish more homework. Didn't happen.
After dinner, didn't try at all to accomplish homework because by then I just gave up.

I'm starting to get used to waking up early. My biological alarm clock woke me up at 630 this morning. It took forever for me to fall back asleep, but I managed.

Todays agenda: Tailgating for the home game at UCF, then possibly downtown. And of course, trying to accomplish some homework.... ;)

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