Thursday, September 8, 2011

Here comes the sanity...

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I REALLY needed to get that out...

So last night, I completed four literacy modules, and one tobacco module. These took me forever and a day! Hours and hours later, I finally finished them, and went to bed.

Clinicals today! We had to be there at 800 this morning. We were at an Elementary school doing height, weight, BMI, and vision screenings. And please refer to the first four lines of this post.....

Well.. nothing was coordinated properly. Classes were going to the wrong areas. We had classes that didn't even come see us. There were three classes for one P.E. period, and we only had two classrooms to do all of this. The kids were completely uncooperative, screaming, running around. Only a few stood out to be the tinniest well behaved. Even my teacher was in awe about the outcome of today. The vision screenings were taking so long that only about 1 out of every 3 classes got done during the class period they were with us. I couldn't believe the weight of some of these children. I have never seen BMIs that were so high!
 For lunch, I stuffed my face with mangoes and rye chips. 

After the children got dismissed, we had to sit down and do there paperwork. We were missing labels, and students, and classes, and papers. We converted BMIs and wrote if they passed the vision screenings. I don't know how we did it, but we managed to organize it in some sort of manner. It at least wasn't tossed around on the table is basically what I mean.

On top of everything, I didn't finish my homework yesterday. I miss my boyfriend like crazy. And my student loan didn't come through, only a few bucks left over from scholarships was transferred from financial aid to my account. Now I have to deal with financial aid on that. I am completely broke. My phone is broken, it won't charge or keep a charge longer than an hour.

Somebody come over and put a smile on my face please,

P.S. the best part - I am back at the elementary school tomorrow, doing the same thing. 800 - 1600

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