Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Study Study Study

Haven't been able to write much lately because studying has become a natural hobby of mine. My first "official test" is in class tomorrow at 10 AM. I have a class from 0730 to about 0920. We have 40 minutes in between, and then at 1000 is the class!!! It's an actual sit down, raspberry scantron, penciled in test. I haven't taken one of those in a while. Last year I did almost all online classes. It's been a year since I have taken a class on campus and not online. Everybody is freaking out about it. I'm nervous because I think I should be more nervous than I am about it... which is ironic.. but everybody is starting to freak me out. The test is in community, and it seems pretty much like common knowledge. There is a little bit of history, but I took a Nursing as a Profession class and learned the history before (which I suggest if you pre-nursing majors need to fill in some electives). Well anyways, I have been studying and trying to stay on top of homework this whole week, and it has been pretty hectic.

I finished all of my assignments for the week so far. I feel pretty good about that. Monday was just a regular day of classes and then church. Today, in lab, we learned about the proper body mechanics when you are trying to move patients. Most hospitals have a "No Lift" policy. This means that you are not allowed to physically lift a patient, you have to have a device, or a sheet to lift them properly. So we were switching from being a patient and a nurse while lifting each other up with devices like Gait Belts. The College of Nursing just ordered a Hoyer Lift. I'm going to be the first one to volunteer as a patient for that!

Afterwards I went over to the bookstore to pick up my ATI books (its a package that we had to pay $500 for. It includes test and books.) They said to bring somebody with you because it is heavy. And for $500 I was expecting a huge box that I was going to need a dolly for. So I bring Alex. And the box turns out to be about the width and height of my radius. .....Way too heavy for one person..... ok.....

Well anyways, afterwards we went to the rockwall at the gym, and now we are at the library. I decided to take a break from my studying and post on here to catch everybody up :) Cross your fingers for tomorrow! I will be up bright and early at 6 to start my day, and hopefully to ace a test.

High apple pie, in the sky hopes,

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