Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I can breathe!

Finally! I can breathe! Well.. at least for the next 30 minutes. I just now, finally, absolutely, happily, finished, done, over, no more, with homework!!!
Can I get a HELL YES!!!

So in 30 minutes I have to leave for lab, and decided to use my leisure time to eat a popsicle and talk about my weekend.

First off, what weekend? I had so much homework I dreamed about nursing school. No lie.
Friday night I stayed in. Everybody was going to Gainesville, Alex went downtown, and responsible Katie, stayed home, with a pile of homework, a puppy dog, and a bucket of frozen grapes.

Saturday, I woke up early, and what did I do? You guessed it. Went straight back to homework. I'm on this biological clock lately, to where I can't sleep past 0800 anymore. It is very annoying. Well my break today was going to the grocery store! I have been so busy (and broke...) that I haven't gone full, actual, grocery shopping in a LONG time... So this was very exciting for me. I have been saving a bunch of coupons and went when Publix was having really good buy one get ones. I felt like an extreme couponer. :) Needless to say.....

Look at that LONG receipt! And I only spent $70!!! I ended up saving a little over $25. The best part of the adventure.. when I was leaving there was a fist fight outside over a parking lot. By the time I was pulling out, there were cops EVERYWHERE. Who knew Publix is where people get there punch on?
I lit some candles, put on some music, and read a book until Alex came over. I cooked him some awesome flank steak stuffed with provolone cheese and spinach with scalloped potatoes on the side. MMmmMMmmmMMMMMMmmmMMMmm.

And remember how I was saying my arms were so sore from working out on Wednesday? Well I really think I did something.. three weeks in nursing school.. and I know that this is not what my arm is suppose to look like...

It is sooooo swollen (top and bottom)! And I can't move it. It's really stiff and won't go straight. I look like a retarded person walking around and Alex laughs at me almost every 5 minutes (or at least he giggles under his breath).

And here comes the dreaming about nursing school story. So this night I ended up staying the night at Alex's house. We went over to his place after dinner and watched movies. Well.. I had a dream that my clinical group and I, were in one of conference rooms that we go to every Friday for our "clinical conference". And somebody called us.. telling us that there was a BOMB in the room. Tells you how much I am not stressed out huh? Well the dream goes on to being pretty scary...being chased, screaming girls, bomb terrorist, nursing school.  The best part was waking up because Alex was snoring.

So Sunday comes around. I met some friends at IHOP for breakfast. Then I really really wanted to hang out with everybody at World of Beer. The football games were going on, Alex wanted me to stay really bad, my friends were there... so, using my first three weeks of nursing school education about critical thinking... I hooked up my laptop to the outlets behind the bar, ordered a beer, studied at World of Beer, and played corn hole during my breaks. It is the best decision I have had all week. It is a great way to solve all of my problems! For you future nurses: It combines boyfriend, friends, TV, beer, and Nursing School ALL IN ONE!!!

I had a huge smile all day and to top it off, that night when I took my test, I was pretty confident that I did good. I actually STUDIED AT THE BAR, and it really worked out.

Monday one of my friends from church went into labor! So after school and dinner, we went to the hospital to give her our blessings. I was wondering around looking at the papers that show the babies heart and the contractions. It was really interesting. I can't wait for the OB rotation. Everybody was saying I should get some clinical hours... that would have been nice.
So Alex and I decided to go check out the nursery and see the babies! So we go through one of the doors.. we had to call somebody to let us in, and when we went through.. everybody was staring at us, a little alarm went off, and then over the intercom you hear " CODE PINK, CODE PINK". Umm....
So we realized that we were in the wrong wing, and had to go through the doors that we just came through. But they locked... apparently a code pink is a baby is missing. We thought it was called on us! We had no idea what to do. So I called to get back through the door, and the lady on the phone asked if we were the reason that they called Code Pink. I didn't know what a code pink was at the time, so what was I suppose to say? So she said we had to wait for the alarm to go back off and for the code pink to be resolved and them we could be let through. People were staring vigorously...
We ended up not being able to see the nursery... and we just stayed put in the waiting room for the rest of the time....
Other than that.... Welcome to the world Baby Ian!!!

This leads me to today. I woke up early.. unintentional.. and started on homework. I finished everything with 30 minutes to spare before class. Today in lab we are going through medications I believe. Should be interesting (oh yes, I am bringing my camera). Afterwards I am headed to Alex's house for an all nighter probably. I have a test at 0730 in the morning tomorrow.. and I haven't started studying because I have been crazy busy on doing actual homework. So yet again, cross your fingers!

Relaxed for once within the past month,
P.s. This was sent from my mom yesterday. My parents read my blog since I have been so busy, I can't call them as much as I used to. This put a huge smile on my face. I love you guys!!!
From mom:
Okay little girl…..I read your blog this morning and if your brother is a turd what does that make your father and I??????????
Are you sure that was okra and not a cucumber that thing was huge.  You should buy one and I’ll cook it for you.  Alex is not your only rock to lean on you have your father and I.  Sweetie please don’t ever fill like you are alone because you are not.  You need to sneak away one night and come home and let mom pamper you.  We can go get a pedy then head home I’ll fix you a big meal and fill your tummy then we can do facials put in Lion King or one of the other movies’ we use to watch and I’ll make us some drinks with alcohol since your are legal now.  You should have no problem in sleeping……….
Have a good day and I love you very much.

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