Saturday, September 24, 2011


So wow there is a lot to catch you guys up on!!!

So Tuesday, we ended up learning about PEG tubes during lab. No injections yet! But I will keep you updated. Then I ended up going to Alex's house to study, which turned out not happening very well. I thought we were going to study, but there was a lot of commotion around me, so it took me a while just to finish my study guide. So I finally actually STARTED studying at about 10 that night... : / I went home shortly after thinking I could study better at my place. I was in and out of it trying to study. I would wake up, first realizing that I had fallen asleep, then go back to studying. Repeat. Repeat. One of the times that I woke up, I remember a friend of mine wanted a copy of my study guide so I emailed it to her. I could have sworn I emailed her around 1 AM, but the next day she showed me the email.... it was more like 5 AM. Well I got up,  went to school, and kicked some exam butt!! I felt so good walking out of that room. They used new scantrons this time, and we found out our scores that same day. I GOT A 49/50!!!! WooHoo!!

Afterwards was community class. We had a guest speaker for tobacco. And wow... I don't smoke, and I am glad that I don't. Some of the statistics she was telling us were literally making some people gag. It was intense.

  • 1 out of every 5 deaths in USA is due to smoking. 
  • It's the number one preventable disease, yet still kills more than AIDS, Fires, Suicides, Murders, Heroin, Cocain, Drugs (and a few others that I forgot) COMBINED!
  • For every 8 smokers that pass, one non-smoker dies from second hand smoke.
The list really goes on and on... it was eye opening. Then that night I went to my workout at Aguille with the rockclimbing club (no swollen arms this time :) )

Thursday I was at another elementary school doing height, weight, BMI, and vision screenings. They were very well behaved and classes flew by. There was only three of us this time because the clinical group was separated throughout the community today. It was a crazy day though. We got there at 7:30 and didn't leave til almost 4:30. Our instructor, Dr. Swenson, is amazing though. She is one of those really sweet and cute older people. She seriously is like a fairy godmother. She moves her hands so elegantly, you ask a yes or no question and you get a 5 minute answer, she is always smiling, and her laugh is adorable. Well anyways, we realized that after next week we won't be with her anymore because we will be transferring to a VA clinic. So we started talking to her about her past and just sharing stories. She apparently used to be a backpacker! (Alex and I backpacked through the smokey mountains this past summer.... we went on a huge vacation and visited 10 states in two months. It was an amazing summer. When I get time, I will post about it....

This last one is one top of Charlies Bunion, 5,565 ft... the day before we were even higher on a different mountain.) Anyways, she was talking about how she has climbed mountains in Argentina, and places all over the world. It was very interesting. After talking about that, one of the girls wanted to show her the youtube video of that horrible zit on that persons back! Have you seen it? It's pretty "gruesome" according to Dr. Swenson. It is reallllllly gross. Well anyways, while it was playing.. Swenson's face was priceless.... hearing it in the background though was making me almost vomit... it was horrible. Then Dr. Swenson started talking about how unsanitary they were when they did that, and if somebody possibly got it in their eyes that wouldn't be good. At this point, I am freaking out, covering my ears, rocking back and forth, and saying, " I don't want anything in my eyes, I don't want anything in eyes!" over and over again. It was making Rachel laugh so hard. I seriously terrified.

The day before, Alex and I took Bradley outside to play. We threw the ball around and he was chasing it for a while. Well we were on concrete.. and Thursday morning, he couldn't walk on one of his legs. I was pretty nervous. I called my parents and they said they would pay for me to take him to the vet to make sure he was ok. He couldn't even climb up the stairs or jump on the bed. So of course, I was worried all day and rushed home to check on him. When I got home, Alex was there checking on him. But Bradley already seemed a lot better. Apparently, he rubbed one of the pads on his back left paw almost completely all the way through. It was a pretty big gash. So Alex and I stayed with him that night and did homework.

Friday I went to a Florida Nursing Association conference! My first professional, big girl, all grown up conference. It was in Altamonte Springs, and our whole CNC group had to go. The lectures were semi interesting. There were some about resumes, portfolios, and interviewing skills. So I paid attention during those. But the best part: The Free Stuff!!! I got highlighters that look like syringes, luggage tags, mugs, pens, and lots of brochures. One of the booths even had a candy bar. Yes you read correctly, A CANDY BAR! And boy did I take advantage.. it was the only thing keeping me going from 7:30 to 4.
 All of the UCF Nursing girls that went to the conference.

Lunch by the pool :)
 Dr. Swenson and my clinical group!!!
I <3 my CNC

This weekend I was suppose to go to St. Augustine with Alex. It was suppose to be a nice weekend away. We were going to go see the fort, do ghost tours, see the town and everything, but of course... my loan still hasn't come through. I only had a few bucks to spend for the weekend so I didn't go. I really really wanted to considering this is my only weekend to relax until OCTOBER 22!!! I'm completely booked up. Alex still went to see his friends, and I was sitting at home.. already miserable after the first few minutes of knowing he was on his way to St. Augustine, and I thought... what better night to go to my parents house!!!?? So I packed up Bradley, and we drove home!!! Now I am sitting here in a lazy boy, with a full stomach, no worries (except homework) with my parents company. 

Also, great news!!! I have a new nephew!!! My brother just had another baby! Welcome to the world baby Shane Matthew Rodgers!!! I already miss you and I haven't met you yet!! Now I am at two wonderful nephews :)

Happy to be home,

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