Sunday, September 11, 2011


Friday - at the elementary school again doing screenings! I will say that today went a lot better. Either it actually went better, or I just took the whole thing as a joke and at least was laughing all day :) It really was smoother though. I was doing vision screenings today. The kindergartners were the cutest things. First, they were so excited to sit next to me and do the screening. They kept fighting over who was next. Then when they got in the chair....

Me: What's your first name little one?
Kindergartner: KeeannnuuuuEmmmiiiiiiSeeeaaggg.
Me: What was that?
Kindergartner: KeeannnuuuuuEmmmmiiiiSeeeeeagggg.
Me: OK... well.. what about your last name?
Kindergartner: KeeaannnuuuuuuEmmiiiiSeeeaaagggg.
Me: OK then.... (by that time I just usually gave up because they were so freaking cute anyways! I did end up misspelling over half of the names, and some of them, like the one above usually had no relation to their actual name, and it would be something like John Smith lol)

So I would tell them that the board had three symbols on it,  1) umbrella 2) house 3) apple. After I told them this, I would ask them to tell me what I point to. Didn't work....We were getting so many random things from a farm, heart, O, T, G, tent, and somebody was even said an igloo! These kindergartners and their imagination... Some had accents, some were missing 5 or 6 teeth. They just really brightened my day when they opened their little mouths to missing teeth and funny pronunciations.

I finished the night off by going to World of Beer with Alex and grabbing an amazing Palm Ale to celebrate my good day (and some amazing Lettuce Wraps that we had Pei Wei drop off).

Today, I regrettably have not done much homework at all.... I got up and met my pops. He helped me get a few new tires and we got some coffee and caught up. It's always nice to see the fam. Afterwards, Alex and I went to go pick up my check from my old job,  but it wasn't there. So we decided to introduce Alex to IKEA. And wow.. I get lost in that store every time (mentally, not physically) and the appliances seduce me into a never ending show room of lovable shiny things. It gets pretty intense. I proudly only walked away with 200 straws and 17 pieces of tubaware.

Then we decided to make the night a stay at home night and do homework! But after we go rock-climbing. Then that changed to after we get sushi at Kobe's. Then that changed to after we get some hibachi from Kobe's. Now.. it might be changing to after we watch this movie....

For tomorrow: lots of homework, church, then lots of homework

Stay tuned,

P.s. I have now been coerced and have been turned to the Blue side. Go Blue! From the sound of Alex yelling in the background, I'm thinking it was a good game.

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