Friday, September 16, 2011

Gluten Balls

So Wednesday, I did pretty good on my test. I know I missed a few questions, but that's Wednesday's news. After class I went with Alex to the UCF Rock climbing clubs workout at Aguille. It was awesome. We did abs, and arms, and bouldering. It was a lot of fun.

Thursday I woke up early and went to Bermuda with Amanda.

We were on Meals on Wheels today. This is a program that serves hot meals to seniors that can't take care of themselves and aren't capable of making themselves a home cooked meal. There are so many clients in the community that I was in today that 6 routes or so are not covered by volunteers, DAILY. There are so many seniors in need that there are hundreds and hundreds on the waiting list. The client list is about 300 per town in Orange County.

Well anyways, it was a crazy day. First off, I can barely move my arms. Turning the wheel was a hard activity today. My arms are so sore from the workout! Amanda and I delivered a bunch of meals to a bunch of people in the community. They ranged from disabled to 94 years old. Everybody was so sweet. We put a pink magnet on the side of my car and drove around in our nursing scrubs. It was a lot of fun and we met a lot of.... different... people.

We finished early and had a while before we had to go back to one of the elementary schools to fill out paperwork, so we decided to "assess our community". We stopped at this crazy flea market place. They had a whole bunch of random things. Like for example.. these reindeer rings on my fingers.....
We still had a little bit of time, so then we came across a Chinese Supermarket. If you haven't been in one of these style supermarkets, EVERYTHING IS IN CHINESE!!!!
When I was little, I used to always eat Koala March. They were so good and absolutely scrumptious. Well, they stopped carrying them in Publix and I haven't seen them since elementary school (they are little Japanese cookies filled with chocolate). Well, Target actually has some in the dollar section right now called Hello Panda. They are basically the same thing, except they are Chinese cookies and they are pandas instead of koalas. Anyways, we found them in chinese!!!!! I was extremely excited. This moment was the highlight of my week. Kind of sad huh?

Anybody remember them?
Well we also found bags of Pocky that were a couple pounds big. That's a lot of Pocky.... Some other interesting things that we found...

The above picture is a Chinese okra. Where do you even start with one of those things?

Well overall my day was pretty good. Then when I got home, yes, I had my first melt down. I was looking at all of my work that I had to do (which keeps getting to be a longer list every day), and was just getting more stressed out. It was just everything all at once going downhill. Alex and I were in a little argument, and when we are in an argument, I have no other rock to lean on. Alex didn't realize how stressed out I have been lately so he came over. It was the first night that I actually got to sleep at a descent time and slept all the way through (the night before I was working out at 2AM because I couldn't sleep).

So this morning I woke up refreshed and ready to go. Alex and I are back to being perfect, I was able to sleep in today, it was a good day. Clinicals didn't start until 9AM today.. err.. 0900. We were at a program this morning doing vision screenings. The kids were really little, around three and four years old. They are all absolutely adorable. They get really attached to us. They yell our names, they give us hugs, they hold our hands. We go to this location every Thursday and Friday to see them, so we have gotten to know a lot of the students by now. Afterwards, we went back to an elementary school to do some paperwork to prepare for screenings at this location in a few weeks. Then we headed back to the morning program.
One of our assignments is a teaching project. There are four of us in my group to teach dental  hygiene. We put together a really good project and taught about 15 kids all about their teeth. We had a poster that they could post good and bad foods for teeth, we made the kids stand up and act like teeth and showed them how to brush their teeth properly by acting like we were brushing them, we gave them certificates, and we gave them coloring sheets. They really liked it and did a really good job.
Next week we are doing the teaching projects again to some more classes, so I will try to get better pictures.

That leads me to where I am right now. I thought I was hurting yesterday, oh no. My whole BODY hurts today. Hurt is an understatement actually. Some little man, jumped off of my drink (if you don't know this reference, you aren't in college) and into my body and he is playing jump rode with my fibers in my muscles. OOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGG, my abs hurt so much that I can't even stand straight. My arms are so sore that I can't even put my arm stretched out completely. I was leaning in my chair today, and pushed up on the chair with my hands to sit back up, and my arms started shaking like crazy. Kimberly saw it and was a little nervous.

For the weekend I have a bunch of homework to do. There is a huge list of things to do, that I will not post right now because looking at it, I'm probably going to have a panic attack.
Right now: chicken parmesan from my amazing friend who loves me so much.

Food is the answer to all of my problems,
P.s. Hello turd brother Branden!!!!! If I'm a turd, you're a turd since we are related. ;) Love you!!!

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