Monday, September 5, 2011

Tailgating, and Labor Day

So Saturday was awesome! I went tailgating with a bunch of people today for UCF's first home game of the semester! It was amazing and a lot of fun. Afterwards, two of my friends and I went to B Dubs for some wings and to watch the game. We then went to the house and changed and went to downtown Orlando. One of my friends lives down there, so we stayed the night at his house and didn't have to worry about coming home. My goal for the day: a day without nursing related items. And it was amazing! A perfect break.

And now, I'm sitting in Vero Beach, with the smell of ribs and chicken in the background, eating shrimp cocktail with Alex and his family. Life could not be any better than this. I've only been in nursing school for two weeks, and I have already learned that if you have a break, take advantage and get out of town! It is well worth it.

Reality, I will see you tomorrow at 1400. (I haven't been using military time this weekend either... shh don't tell)

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